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In today’s digital landscape, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising. Trying to make your business stand out is tough, making it vital to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

As a local marketer, this competitive environment can be overwhelming. Let us help.

The CBC Audience Network provides a unique platform for all Capitol Broadcasting Company advertisers to geo-target, behaviorally target, retarget and pre-target their target audiences online. We work with advertisers to identify who their audience is, and then craft a plan to effectively reach their audience across and a network of premium national websites.


The most advanced location based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude data to target specific geographic areas with a component of variable recency. Our Geo-Fencing product enables customized targeting shapes and sizes and our data is precise up to 100 meters for behavioral targeting and pinpoint precision for instant targeting. We support bulk uploads of shape data files including GeoJSON which include, political and school districts, street and highway boundaries, municipalities etc.

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  • Drive mobile performance & mobile reach
  • The most reliable way to target mobile users in a businesses’ proximity
  • Retarget customers who visit or commute through any businesses’ location
  • Track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your advertising success
  • Leverage targeted campaigns only to customers within a predetermined physical proximity to your business
  • Increase brand awareness with concentrated spends
  • More powerful and accurate than GEO-IP targeting
  • Identify high concentrations of customers
  • Target competitor’s locations




Simply put, it rarely makes sense for a local business to advertise EVERYWHERE. Each business has a geographic footprint they want to focus on, and the CBC Audience Network provides you the ability to place a geo-fence around where your online ads are served.

We can geo-target by state, DMA, city and zip.



Behavioral targeting is the process of using first and third party data to identify online audience segments, and then serving those individual audience segments customized advertising.


The CBC Audience Network stands apart from our competitors in the market because we incorporate exclusive first party data from into our targeting. When combined with data from our national partners, we can build audiences more diverse and effective than anyone else in the market.

Once we have built your audience, we can reach them across a diverse range of top brand websites, including our very own



Prospects are coming to your website; however, they are not yet ready to commit to being customers. They are shopping around. It is important to keep your business top of mind as they research your competitors. Work with us to build a retargeting campaign to close the loop and funnel more of these prospects back to your site.




People spend 96% of their time online doing things other than search. But search is the most powerful indicator of their immediate needs.

With search retargeting, we deliver you display ads to people who are searching for the goods or services you provide, on websites where they are spending the majority of their time.




Building your own audience can be very beneficial to your individual business. We can base the audience based off of your general demographic, then after the Audience Profile Pixel has been placed on your site, after the first month, we can optimize the audience based off of who is actually visiting your site.

The Audience Profile Report can be extremely beneficial and eye-opening to business owners.  Your actual audience visiting your site might be completely different from what you would typically expect.

Making sure we are targeting the right audience is vital to making sure we are getting in front of the right people who would be most interested in your business or service.



Deliver your ads in front of premium content on leading sites. Targeting based off of basic demographics such as age or gender, location and/or categories such as Health.
We have the capability to use :15 or :30 standard pre-roll as well as interactive preroll that can include overlays or expansion.


We also have the following formats available:



User enters information to find the most applicable product and availability. Opportunity to drive product consideration and purchase behavior.product


User enters zip code to find nearest store and are directed to corresponding website. Opportunity to drive purchase behavior alongside branded content.zipcode



Unit expands to fullscreen when user clicks icon to expand. Deliver real brand impact with fullscreen takeover. Completely customizable interactive experience and rich media features.




Video plays in YouTube Player on user initiation. The YouTube player captures views on the brand’s YouTube channel which would increase opportunity for organic discovery on YouTube.




Branded overlays that viewer must engage with in order to skip the video ad. This will help to gain valuable customer insights from viewer engagement behavior.



Branded form expands on rollover and presents users with in-player sign-up option. This will drive user sign-ups without leaving video content.




Microsite expands on rollover and presents users with a selection of videos. This will drive extended engagement with brand and content.




Microsite option expands on rollover and presents users with in-player gaming experience.  Encourages user interaction with brand in a more organic manner.



Target your ads to vertical site lists, aimed at reaching your target audience. Examples include highly visible sites within your vertical: News, Sports, Business, Healthcare, etc.



Chris Weatherly

Chris Weatherly

Chris Weatherly

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